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An invigorating departure from convention, Ongarello created Robin House to be a testament to well-thought-out design, ensuring a lifestyle of luxury and comfort.

A natural sense of relaxed bayside living is enhanced through its location. The original, much-loved pocket of Mount Martha is known by locals as Old Mt Martha and features a handful of unsealed lanes with the beach at the end of the street.

Collingwood-based, Wolveridge Architects assisted in creating the plans that were the foundation for creating the home that Ongarello brought to life. Outside the home, Bethany Williamson Landscaping Architect cleverly crafted natives and trees to thrive in the coastal conditions.

When preparing the home for sale, curation of beautiful furniture reflecting its textural and clean construction was essential in communicating Ongarello’s vision.

Robin House hit the market for exactly one month during a phase of correction however attracted 17 buyers who demonstrated a keen interest for its architecture and ultimately achieved a result meeting owner expectation.

SOLD in November 2023

For further information on the construction of the home, please visit https://ongarello.com.au/

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