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Declutter and throw out all the junk.

All those fun random bits of paper? Time to go. That coffee cup from yesterday as well.


Add some décor to make the space more inviting. In our local Village, Tingo are offering Click and Collect most days. Visit their Instagram at @tingomountmartha or call them on 03 5974 8160

Style Temple also has an incredible selection at https://styletemple.com.au/


Tidy your virtual workspace.

Organise your virtual folders and tidy up that desktop. Even a new desktop photo helps reset the look.


Sort out the cables. Neaten up all the cords with buying some inexpensive cord solutions from Officeworks. Hopefully will reduce tripping over that cord again!

Click here to find some good options to sort your cords.


Consider the ergonomics of your home workspace.

A lot of us had to create a makeshift home office quickly when lockdown #459 came into effect. Consider buying a new office chair or google basic ergonomics to save your back from unnecessary strain.


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